CW ELAB, our free of charge online learning platform, has been developed and launched on 14 January 2020 by Creative Words, a translation and language services company.

This virtual workshop is aimed at students, translators and all those who need to further study topics which we at Creative Words deem necessary in order to enter the localization industry successfully and to stay up to date in this dynamic and constantly evolving industry.

Upon completion of the training course, a certificate signed by Creative Words will be awarded so you can share it on social media and display it in the “Licenses & certifications” section on LinkedIn or your CV.

We believe CW ELAB is important for the language services industry for several reasons:

  • to bring recent graduates and new translators in closer contact with the working world.
  • to make choosing content for professional development easier, sifting through the enormous, and at times arbitrary, amount of material offered online.
  • to gain in-depth knowledge of tools and technical matters not tackled during your academic career.
  • to allow translators to pursue their own continuous professional development.

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